Late Payment Policy

If you pay your bills on time, we sincerely thank you, and there is no need for you to read further.

We believe our agreement with you is simple — we will provide services, all we ask is that you pay us when you receive our invoice. We do not need reminders to provide services, we don’t believe you should need several reminders to pay us. The more important the work you need and the quicker you need that performed, the more important your payment to us is and the quicker we would like to receive it.

Invoicing: We will give you an invoice at the beginning or conclusion of a project.

Due date:   Payments are due and payable upon your receipt of our invoice.  For our customers who have an account with us we would like to have payment in our office within thirty days of the invoice due date. 


Late payments: If we have not received your payment in our office within thirty days of the invoice due date, we will charge a $25.00 late fee. If we have not received your payment within forty five days, we will add a 10% late payment fee to your bill. The minimum late payment fee is $25.00. The purpose is to defray the costs associated with collecting late payments.


Non-payment: If you refuse to pay us, or do not respond to our calls, we will make every effort to collect the debt. As a reminder, all costs we incur associated with collecting debts, including attorneys’ fees and court costs, will be paid by you.